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General Prices: Pay What You Decide

Duration: 1hr approx

Seating: Unreserved seated

Written by Pauline Heath
Directed by Vici Wreford-Sinnott

It is just after the election in Never-Neverland and the peasants grow restless whilst the leaders drink champagne, gallons of it, on expenses… sound like groundhog day? It is.

Join us as Pauline Heath, our Never-Neverland tour guide, draws us into a world populated with characters that the Brothers Grimm would be scared of, and creates a fantasy of horrors which are too far-fetched too believe – or are they? You’ll probably recognise more of this world and its politics than you’d like.

21st century storytelling and projected illustrations combine to create a dark, satirical fairytale that looks at who we’ve become as a society.

Illustrations by Max Wreford-Sinnott


Pay What You Decide
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