Niamh Nelson is the recipient of the 2020 Northern School of Art, ARC Award.

This week is set to develop Niamh’s first solo piece, exploring cosplay and coming of age in the 21st century.

About Niamh

Artist Niamh Nelson in one of her cosplaying costumes

Niamh Nelson is a recent graduate from The Northern School of Art. Niamh has had a wide range of roles and opportunities throughout her time there. During her training she has played parts in theatre, radio, film and more. With a range of work Niamh has had many opportunities with companies and creators such as Tangled Feet in which she was a part of the Stockton 20’s cast in their show Half Life. As well as being a part of the Newcastle Puppetry Festival in 2019. As well as this, Niamh has been featured on cosplay short films around the country. Over the last three years Niamh has developed as an actor and aims to be as creative as possible, bringing new ideas to the arts whilst captivating others. By choosing to focus on the more creative and imaginative world Niamh aims to inspire those who are less confident and use this as a way to connect to those and more.

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