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In 1940s New York, down-on-his-luck Stanton Carlisle endears himself to a clairvoyant and her mentalist husband at a traveling carnival. Using newly acquired knowledge, Carlisle crafts a golden ticket to success by swindling the elite and wealthy. Hoping for a big score, he soon hatches a scheme to con a dangerous tycoon with help from a mysterious psychiatrist who might be his most formidable opponent yet.

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    There is strong language (‘f**k’, ‘motherf**ker’), as well as milder terms such as ‘bitch’, ‘bastard’, ‘shit’, ‘piss’ and ‘crap’.

    injury detail

    A man suffers a facial injury after repeatedly punches to the face. A person is run over, with sight of the bloody head wound sustained. There are other bloody images, including sight of a man biting the head off of a chicken.


    There are bloody shootings, including those that occur within a suicide context. A person is run over, with strong impact detail. There are also fist fights.

    A man is forcibly drugged and held against his will in order to perform in a carnival act. There are scenes of moderate sex, references to addiction, miscarriage, domestic abuse and sexual violence, but these are all fairly discreet.