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General Prices: £25

Duration: 7pm

No 60 Food Lovers Club

No 60’s new Food Lovers Club is all about celebrating the dishes and flavours that leave a lasting impression, the ones that once tasted are never forgotten. We might focus on a specific cooking style, explore international dishes, or celebrate local produce. Each month we will choose a different theme for you sink your teeth into.

Catch of the Day

In Britain you’re never too far from the rolling waves of the ocean, so it’s no surprise that as a nation we have forged such an enduring appetite for seafood. Never better than when it’s freshly caught, fish has rightfully earned its place in our national love affair with food.

For our latest food club event we will be looking beyond the ritual of battered cod and chips for a chance to explore the great variety of flavours that our local coast has to offer. Our chefs will be heading out at 5am, their destination dictated by prevailing weather conditions and the times of the tides. They’ll be paying a visit to a north east fish market in search of the catch of the day, selecting from only the finest of the fresh and sustainable fish that the North Sea has to offer.

They can’t bring the salt spray and lapping waves with them, but we can guarantee you will struggle to find a fresher serving of seafood in Stockton. There’s no set menu for this event as it all depends on what the local fishermen have caught. What you can expect from the menu is a four course meal consisting of mouth-watering dishes that make the most of the natural seafood flavours and accompanied by the foods that complement them best.

There will even be an opportunity for you to add your favourite dish from the evening to our bistro for an entire month throughout April.

Our chefs will be around at the end of the evening to talk about their choices and answer your questions.

In order to reduce food waste and our impact on the environment pre-booking is essential for all of our food events.