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General Prices: £10 + £0.10 booking fee

Join us for our new soul food night where we’ll be serving a specially selected playlist of dishes inspired by the flavours of the American South (maybe a Wigan pie for good measure)

The team at No 60 will be cooking up a storm of soulful dishes. We will be serving this up street-style so you can come and grab your food whenever you’re ready. Fill your bowl, eat your grits, lick your fingers and then hot step it back up for second helpings. Find one dish you love and stick to it or give them all a try – it’s up to you!

Meanwhile, DJs Graham Hollings and Ian Bunting will be rifling through their record collections and spinning the sweetest soul and maybe a few Motown classics to get you jumping. You can count on some of best northern soul ever committed to vinyl featuring on a track list that will keep you dancing long after the night is over.

Come along and join us – we know you’ve got soul!