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Aliah Rupawala, is a 24 year old Bohri Muslim girl from a very traditional family. She secretly becomes a Suicide Prevention Counsellor and on her first day she encounters a 52 year old man about to jump from the terrace of a high-rise. As she begins to try to bring him down, she is forced to confront why she became a Suicide Prevention Counsellor in the first place, and also share a lot of herself to get him to share and open up. Going all in, to save him, she begins to deal with and release the loneliness and grief in herself to be able to do the same in the caller. And in doing so, ends up healing not just her own heart, but also the heart of the man who has called.

ARC Staff Pick: Amandeep | Bigger Picture Programme Manager

“One of the films I’m looking forward to is Not Today, which is about a young woman from a traditional Muslim family who secretly becomes a suicide prevention counsellor, it tackles a lot of subjects and raises awareness for mental health issues.”

In Hindi, with English subtitles

1hr 32mins