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Listen in online as award-winning author Irenosen Okojie chats to Crossing the Tees Short Story Competition judge, author Iain Rowan, about the mysterious capacity of short story collections to make dark and seductive forays into the surreal and the uncanny.

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  • About Nudibranch:

    In this stunning new collection of short stories from the award-winning author of Butterfly Fish, offbeat characters are caught up in extraordinary situations that test the boundaries of reality . . .

    A love-hungry goddess of the sea arrives on an island inhabited by eunuchs.

    A girl from Martinique moonlights as a Grace Jones impersonator.

    Dimension-hopping monks sworn to silence must face a bloody reckoning.

    And a homeless man goes right back, to the very beginning, through a gap in time.

    Nudibranch is a dark and seductive foray into the surreal.