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Two elven brothers embark on a quest to bring their father back for one day.

  • BBFC Ratings Info (May contain spoilers)

    Threat and horror

    There are action scenes in which the heroes find themselves in threatening and dangerous situations. These include being caught up in a burning building, chased by a pixie biker gang, attempting to cross a wide chasm, dodging booby traps in a cave and battling a dragon creature. There is also occasional threat from weapons wielded by unsympathetic characters, such as a bottle and bike chains, but no undue emphasis is placed on them.


    There is very mild bad language such as ‘screw up’, ‘screwed up’, ‘dang it’, ‘son of a…’ and ‘what the…’.

    The film’s story involves the young heroes coming to terms with the death of their father. The issue of death and bereavement is handled sensitively and in a reassuring manner.