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Tees Valley based artists are invited to submit one piece of work for ARC’s Summer 2019 exhibition. This year’s exhibition is looking for work that responds to the title You, me and those who came before in line with the theme of National Refugee Week 2019. For more information on how to submit a piece of work visit here.

Artwork selection will be made in early May by the selection panel:
• Reuben Kench, Director of Culture, Events & Leisure SBC
• Natasha Davis, Artist
• Chloe Lawrence, Programmes Manager ARC
• Representatives from the refugee week working group

Please check back in May for announcement of artists exhibiting!

More information on Refugee Week 2019
The theme of Refugee Week 2019, ‘You, me and those who came before’, is an invitation to explore the lives of refugees – and those who have welcomed them – throughout the generations.
People escaping war and persecution have been welcomed by communities in the UK for hundreds of years, and their stories and contributions are all around us. From the Jewish refugees of the 1930s to people fleeing Vietnam in the 1970s, Kosovans in the 1990s to those arriving today; they are part of who we all are.
Activity will happen nationally from 17 June to 23 June 2019 as we bring together the old and the young, those who have been here for decades and those who have just arrived – and find out what we can learn from those who sought safety in Britain generations ago.
Stockton’s Refugee week celebration event will take place at ARC on Sat 22 June 2019.