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Screenings of this film are relaxed screenings designed with autistic people in mind, but everyone is welcome.

Two years after saving Adventure City from Mayor Humdinger, the PAW Patrol pups, led by Ryder, help to protect the citizens, though the smallest team member, Skye, feels like she has been unappreciated and hopes to prove herself. One day, meteor expert Victoria Vance steals a giant electromagnet from a scrapyard owned by Hank and Janet and sets the scrapyard ablaze. Janet calls the PAW Patrol for help, who subsequently extinguish the fire. Later in the evening, the citizens of Adventure City, along with news reporter Sam Stringer, gather outside the PAW Patrol’s headquarters as they wait for the meteor shower.

Director- Cal Brunker

Cast- Mckenna Grace, James Marsden, Kristen Bell

Film Club

Stay after the film and join us for craft-related play activities designed by the amazing Kitchen Zoo. Known for their joyful, energetic theatre for young audiences and families, and now for fun film-related activities for Film Club audiences at ARC.

Film Club is a nurturing and creative environment for you to make memories together. We are respectful that our young audiences engage and express themselves in activities in different ways, therefore, Film Club is a welcoming space for you and your family with films screened on a relaxed basis and suitable for all ages.

  • Relaxed screenings for autistic people

    Relaxed screenings for autistic people are open to everyone.

    This relaxed screening has been developed with people autistic people in mind but may also be suitable for people with other access requirements. The adjustments in place for this screening are:

    • There will be no ads or trailers
    • The auditorium lighting will be left on at a low level
    • The sound will be turned down a bit
    • There is a chill-out space available if you need to take a break
    • You are able to make noise or movement during the screening if you need to
    • There will be friendly staff or volunteers on hand to help with anything you might need

    A free companion ticket is also available for anyone who requires someone such as a carer to attend the screening with them as part of their access requirements. These can be booked by contacting the Box Office.

    If you have any questions about this screening or about access at ARC more generally please contact the Box Office on 01642 525199 or email [email protected]

    You can also watch our cinema walkthrough video below before you visit

  • Seating accessibility information

    Seat size

    Seats in the Cinema are 45cm (172/3“) wide and 46cm (18“) deep, are 40cm (152/3“) from the floor, and have 12cm (42/3“) between seats.


    Seats in the Cinema have armrests that do not fold away, and cannot be completely removed.


    Seats in the cinema have 30cm (112/3”) of legroom in front of seats, with additional legroom on row A and seats B1-B4 and B11-B14.

    Further information

    If you have any questions about accessibility our Box Office team are always happy to help and can be contacted on 01642 525199 or by emailing [email protected] - you can also tell us about your access requirements when prompted to do so during the online booking process

  • Family experience at ARC

    Our family-friendly facilities, welcoming staff and superb shows make for a memorable experience every time you visit ARC. It’s easy to get here, and the enjoyment starts the moment you walk through the door. ARC is the perfect place for families to have fun, play and learn together. Most of our family shows and screenings are presented on a relaxed basis, so that we can provide a welcoming environment and enjoyable experience for all of our audiences, including those with a range of access requirements.

    We have signed up to the Family Arts Standards. We welcome families and to help you enjoy your experience we are committed to ensuring we meet these Standards. As we continue to improve our service for families your views are very important to us – so please let us know if you have a good experience with us or tell us what you’d like us to improve.

  • BBFC ratings information (may contain spoilers)


    There are moments of very mild, fantastical violence as characters are trapped and knocked about by energy blasts, but no serious harm is caused and comedy helps to soften the impact in these scenes.

    Threat and horror

    Characters are endangered by fire, meteors crashing to the ground, a gigantic figure pounding through a city and about to stamp on people, and a plane flying out of control. These scenes are not sustained and their intensity is lightened by comic respite and a focus on heroic characters displaying teamwork, courage and resourcefulness.

    Rude humour

    A character in a jail cell tells a fellow inmate, “I have a little surprise for you in the toilet”, and then shows her a hole he’s made at the bottom of the bowl that leads to an escape tunnel. An animal character makes a joke about punishing someone with its unpleasant dog breath, and other characters blow raspberries at one another.


    A dog character talks sadly about always being the smallest one in a group and feeling left out. However, her friends reassure her of her worth and that they care for her, which encourages her to show bravery when it is most needed.