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Thu 17 Oct 2024

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Seating: Standing and Allocated Seating

For over three decades, the legendary Peatbog Faeries have electrified audiences worldwide with their exhilarating fusion of traditional Scottish folk and dancefloor grooves. Hailing from the Isle of Skye, these innovative trailblazers have spent years crafting an ingenious sound that draws upon a myriad of influences – from jigs and reels to jazz, African rhythms, dance music and more. Their powerful melodies and cross-rhythms ricochet with a smart techno attitude, hitting you forcefully like a massive heartbeat one moment before deftly dropping into glorious Scottish folk themes that send spine-tingling chills through the venue.

2024 marks an exciting new chapter as the pioneering band welcomes new members Norman Willmore on keys and sax and renowned multi-instrumentalist Innes Watson on acoustic guitar, fiddle and vocals. Having been cooped up for much of the past two years, the reinvigorated lineup of Peter Morrison, Ross Couper, Innes Watson, Tom Salter, Norman Willmore, Innes Hutton and Stuart Brown are ready with new material and enthusiasm to set venues alight once again.

A true live phenomenon embraced by fans across the globe, Peatbog Faeries’ ingenious Celtic celebration is a no-nonsense, feel-good ride that never fails to fill the floor and delight crowds.

Please Note: This event will include a lot of flashing lights

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  • The Point - Access Information

    Seat size
    In The Point, seats in rows A-GG are 36cm (14“) wide and 39cm (151/3“) deep. They are 41cm from the floor (16″) wide and 44.5cm (171/2”) deep. The seats are 44cm (171/3”) from the floor, and have a 10cm (4”) gap between seats.

    Seats in rows H and W are stools, are 36cm (14“) wide and 40cm (152/3“) deep. They are 76cm (30“) from the floor, and have a 25cm (93/4”) gap between seats. The stools also feature a footrest 42cm (161/2”) from the floor.

    Seats in rows K-V and Box 1are 42cm (161/2 “) wide and 45cm (172/3“) deep, 47 cm (181/2“) from the floor, and have 6cm (21/3“) gap between seats.

    Seats in Box 2 are 36cm (14“) wide and 39cm (151/3“) deep, 41 cm (16“) from the floor, and have 10cm (4“) gap between seats. These are loose removable chairs.

    Seats in The Point do not have armrests.

    Seat in rows A-GG have 20cm (73/4“) of legroom in front of each seat, with restricted legroom in rows A-D.

    Seats in rows H and W are stools and have 35cm (14“) of legroom.

    Seats in rows K-V have 20cm (73/4“) of legroom in front of each seat, with restricted legroom in the aisle seats. Seats in row S also have a vertical backrest.

    Seats in Box 2 have 50cm (192/3”) of legroom in front of the seats.

    Further information
    If you have any questions about accessibility our Box Office team are always happy to help and can be contacted on 01642 525199 or by emailing [email protected] - you can also tell us about your access requirements when prompted to do so during the online booking process.