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Seating: Unallocated - Cabaret

You can join us in person or online via Zoom for this event.

Pizza and Pitches is a community commissioning programme where four projects will pitch for the use of ARC’s resources and expertise, and a budget of up to £1000 to make their project a reality. Which project is chosen is up to you, so come along, listen to the pitches, grab a slice of pizza, and vote for your favourite idea.

The next Pizza and Pitches will see four projects exploring environmental issues and sustainability pitch their creative idea. Come along and find out more from Members of Stockton’s Creative Coalition for Climate Change when they pitch creative project ideas that can either be delivered in environmentally sustainable ways and/or explore environmental themes.

This event is free to attend. Everyone gets free pizza and a vote for ARC’s next project.

About the projects:

Bottle pitched by Kieran Barker

How do you like the sound of a brand-new piece of environmentally conscious theatre for children and their grown-ups? Would you like to join Charlie on his adventure with a sorcerer to discover how we can reuse and upcycle our waste into something great? Come and hear from Kieran as he shares his idea about magic plastic bottles, a mystical being called The Man of The Trash, and how they feature in a new piece of theatre designed to entertain, educate, and engage children in environmental sustainability.

Getting on Track pitched by Lizzie Lovejoy

Would you like a chance to take part in a creative writing project about how we can travel in a climate-conscious way? This could be the beginning of a participatory creative project using the public transport links of Stockton’s railway heritage to explore how we move through the world today. Find out more from Lizzie Lovejoy about how local participant could go from writing flash fiction to having their work featured in an exhibition, digital booklet or zine, or even a reading or performance.

Biodiversity of the River Tees pitched by Mel Greenwood

Do you want to give children from a local primary school the chance to learn more about our river, the benefits of biodiversity, and the current work being done to improve it? Would you love to see an exhibition in our Gallery that allows them to explore this fascinating subject through their own creative work? Come along and find out more from Mel Greenwood as she shares her idea to engage children from Tilery Primary school in the creation of their own writing, visual art, photography, and film work under the guidance of artist Lisette Auton.

Dear Future Me pitched by Ruth Watson

Would you like to see a project that gives people the chance to explore eco-anxiety and climate action in a creative way? Maybe you’d like the chance to take part in some mindful exploration, climate education, or to produce some of your own work in response to the present and future of climate change. Learn more from Ruth about the potential performance or exhibition that could take place as part of the project, and how she aims to make it reflective and inclusive for people from all backgrounds from across the borough.