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Peter Rabbit meets Monsters University in the exciting new animated feature Rabbit Academy. 

This vibrant and colourful family adventure follows Max, the first city rabbit to be chosen in the master class for Easter Rabbits. Now Max and his friends must find their very own super-power to protect Easter. The unthinkable happens when insidious rabbit Leo begins conspiring with the foxes and schemes to destroy all eggs. Will Rabbits Max, Emmy and their friends manage to stop him?

All screenings of Rabbit Academy are relaxed screenings.

  • BBFC Rating Information

    threat and horror

    Very mild threat includes a fox brandishing a trowel as an improvised weapon, and foxes menacing rabbits. In one scene, a rabbit is briefly dangled headfirst over a bubbling saucepan of soup. A rabbit briefly grabs a smaller rabbit by the ears; however, he is stopped by another rabbit who clearly disapproves of bullying.


    There is very mild bad language (‘screw’, ‘darn’).

    rude humour

    There are off screen sounds of a character urinating and breaking wind.

    There are scenes of slapstick action.

  • Information about relaxed performances and screenings

    We offer a number of daytime family theatre performances and cinema screenings designed to make trips to ARC a more relaxed experience for learning disabled people, people with autism and people with sensory or neurological conditions

    Relaxed performances have a number of distinguishing features:

    • Lower volume levels
    • No foyer music
    • Consistent lighting with auditorium lights on throughout
    • There is a relaxed attitude to noise and moving around the auditorium
    • You can reserve extra seats if you need space to be comfortable
    • If you prefer not to queue please let us know when booking
    • We can provide a chill out space should you need a break.