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Robert Falshau is a disabled artist from Togo who was introduced to ARC by his friend and Tees Valley resident Hilaire Agnama.

Born in Lomé, Togo in 1969, Robert Falshau is a self-taught artist who discovered his talent for painting and drawing at a young age.

Wishing to continue his artistic journey, he realised that his raw talent could not show its potential without being honed further but also found a lack of educational opportunities within Togo that would help him achieve his aim. He began to study the techniques of the great painters and artists; techniques that helped to bring out the individuality of his own work which is a mixture of abstract and reality, commonly known as figurative art.

While continuing his training, he worked for several companies as a commercial artist. At that time, his early paintings of still life, life scenes, and portraits were initially minimalist and simple but his vision developed to imbue these works with a strong poetic sensibility.
His first exposure to the cultural scene of Lomé in 1998, made him more aware of his artistic ability and this was cemented in 2000 with an exhibition in Brittany, France where the quality and spiritual dimension of his paintings confirmed the singularity of his purpose. Since then, the creativity found within his work has intensified and now highlights the perfect symbiosis between earthly and spiritual ideas.

Falshau won first prize in 2004 at the Plastic Art Competition, Koumy Foundation in Togo and first prize in 2007 at Pontivy in Brittany, France and his paintings continue to showcase the originality that has been attracting interest from local and international collectors.

ARC was introduced to Robert by Hilaire Agnama who is based on Teesside. We first met Hilaire during the planning stages for the 2017 Refugee Week celebration. This was the first time ARC had hosted the event and Hilaire, who is a talented drummer, was performing. The theme for that year’s celebration was Our Shared Future and Hilaire has been working with us ever since.

Hilaire, who is also Togo born, first met Robert in early 2019 when visiting family. A mutual friend told Hilaire about Robert and that he was working to build an art school in Togo for disabled children.

Hilaire emembers a time from his childhood in Togo when disabled children were either cast out of families or hidden, as the family believed a disabled child was a curse. Because of this many disabled people end up homeless. As a disabled artist Robert feels very strongly that there should be an art school for disabled children – a small step toward the equality that disabled people in Togo rightly deserve.

After meeting Robert, Hilaire agreed to help him exhibit in the UK using his contacts. The work that Robert creates is sold to help fund his dream of opening an art school for disabled children.


Scene de Marche.jpg

Scene de Maŕché

(63.5 x 48 cm)

Danse culturelle.jpg

Danse culterelle

(48 x 30.5 cm)



(44.5 x 29 cm)

Femme en ractorite calebasse.jpg

Femme fabricant une calebasse

(40 x 52 cm)

Marche de Calecasse.jpg

Marché de calecasse

(27 x 41 cm) 

Femme en activite.jpg

Femme en activité

(9.5 x 23 cm)

Marche au Tomate.jpg

Marché au tomate

(67.5 x 48.5 cm)

retaue de champ vin de palme.jpg

Retaue de Champ vin de Palme

(30 x 51.5 cm)

Jourue de lessive.jpg

Jouruê de lessive

(30 x 43 cm)

femme au retour du marche.jpg

Femme au retour du marché

(90 x 99 cm)

La famille retours des champs.jpg

La famille retour des champ

(91 x 91 cm)

rejouissance popularise danse akbesse kpalime.jpg

Rejouissance popularise danse akpesse kpalimé

(149 x 71 cm)

Tandiesse Maternella.jpg

Tandresse Maternelle

(100 x 110 cm)

enfanee heureuse.jpg

Enfance heuŕeuse

(96 x 103 cm)