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EPISODE TWO – Something Unexpected in the Bagging Area

In the latest episode of Surreally Good, Scott Turnbull enlists the help of writer, filmmaker and comedy-nincompoop Andy Berriman to collaborate on a new 15 minute play-type-thing called Something Unexpected in the Bagging Area.

It takes place inside a run-down old garage on the outskirts of town.

Inside, there’s a giant cockroach infestation, a talking till with ‘something unexpected in the bagging area’, a six pack of frankfurters with an unwavering love for Country Music and a lad called Mark who works there. Unfortunately, Mark doesn’t have a clue ‘what’s going on’, but fortunately neither do Scott and Andy.

It’s right before ARC’s Catch 22 Comedy Night, so come along for the show and warm up your funny bones before the main event.

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