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In 2019, German film director Jens Meurer spent several months in the town of Cromer, just off the Norfolk coast.  He followed people as they got ready for two events – Brexit and the annual end of pier variety show a burlesque mix of song and dance, stand-up comedy, and slapstick.

A person stood in front of a stage over-seeing acts.

The result, a documentary, Seaside Special, acts as a time capsule into a world before lockdowns, when everything was on the brink of change, but traditions were being honoured and kept alive on stage.

Cheerleaders dressed in blue and silver sequinned outfits holding Union Jack flags.

This is one of Britain’s remaining end-of-the-pier variety shows and Director Meurer described the show as ‘not about becoming super-famous, but it was about entertaining the 500 people who were in that amazing Victorian Theatre twice a day’. Seaside Special premiered at the Cambridge Film Festival described as ‘delightful, thought-provoking, charming, and utterly heartwarming’.

‘a heartfelt time capsule of Brexit-divided Britain’ The Guardian ★★★★

Director: Jens Meurer

Cast: Olly Day, Natasha Lamb, Polly Duniam, Matthew Pomeroy

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  • BBFC rating information (may contain spoilers)


    There is infrequent strong language (‘f**k’), a rude middle finger gesture and milder bad language such as ‘bloody’, ‘arse’, ‘hell’ and ‘God’.


    There is mild innuendo in jokes about testicles and teenage boys falling asleep with their phones in their hand.


    For the punchline of a joke, a comedian speaks in a broad caricature of a South East Asian accent. A man of Afro-Caribbean heritage, who was born and has lived in the UK all his life, says that he is always asked where he comes from.

    Rude humour

    As part of a comic stage performance, men strike metal cooking utensils attached to their crotches with wooden spoons hanging between their legs.


    A comedian makes a joke alluding to abortion when he says that his mother wanted to get rid of him but was told it was too late since he was already at school.

    Alcohol and tobacco

    Adults smoke cigarettes.