“Learn to live with…”;

To accept a new but unpleasant situation that you cannot change: ‘It’s hard not having them around but I’ve learnt to live with it’

– Oxford Dictionary Online


SYNTAX is a collection of works from Teesside based artist DYAD. Produced during lockdown these pieces represent the distillation of the artists witnessed experiences of the last 17 months as they navigate a once in a century global event.


Artist Bio:

DYAD is a Teesside based artist working with text, installation and mixed media. Their work is grounded in a social consciousness that puts the act of questioning the power structures we inhabit to the forefront of our minds. Work is often cross media and includes text art, collage, audio, installation and illustrative guerrilla aspects such as temporary street art on breeze blocks and stickers. They are currently a studio holder at The Auxiliary Warehouse, Middlesbrough.