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The Adventures of Prince Achmed

Believed to be the very first animated feature film, made in 1926. This silent silhouette animation is based on the Arabian nights tales. A prince sets out on a magical journey on a flying horse and makes friends with a witch, meets Aladdin, battles demons and falls in love with a princess.

Content Notes: Contains mild fantasy threat. This is an old film from 1926, and includes some racial stereotypes.

The screening will have some adjustments to make it more comfortable for audiences who may be autistic, have learning disabilities and/or access requirements. Anyone is welcome to attend, so long as you are respectful towards audiences with a range of access requirements, including people who may need to make a bit of noise or movement during a film.

Access Information.

During this Relaxed Screening:

  • There will be no ads or trailers

  • The lighting will be turned up a bit

  • The sound will be turned down a bit

  • There is a chill-out space available if you need to take a break

  • You are able to make noise or movement during the screening if you need to.

  • The screening will not be full of people – there will be plenty of space in the cinema.

  • There will be friendly staff or volunteers on hand to help with anything you might need.

  • The film will be screened with captioned subtitles.

  • The screening is Pay What You Decide and carers and personal assistants can get a free ticket.

Please note that for this screening:

  • The film was created in 1926 as a silent film – it had no sound. It has intertitles in German language. These short intertitles will be subtitled in English language.

  • The film will screen with added English spoken narration (a person describing the story that is happening on the screen) to help make this accessible for some people. The narration is not subtitled.

  • Due to sensory sensitivities of some of our guests we do not recommend the screenings for children under the age of 2 years old.

You can watch our cinema walkthrough video – here – before your visit if you would find it helpful.

  • Seating Accessibility Information

    Seat size

    Seats in the Cinema are 45cm (172/3“) wide and 46cm (18“) deep, are 40cm (152/3“) from the floor, and have 12cm (42/3“) between seats.


    Seats in the Cinema have armrests that do not fold away, and cannot be completely removed.


    Seats in the cinema have 30cm (112/3”) of legroom in front of seats, with additional legroom on row A and seats B1-B4 and B11-B14.

    Further information

    If you have any questions about accessibility our Box Office team are always happy to help and can be contacted on 01642 525199 or by emailing [email protected] - you can also tell us about your access requirements when prompted to do so during the online booking process.

  • Content Notes

    Contains mild fantasy threat. This is an old film from 1926, and includes some racial stereotypes.

  • Information about screenings with subtitles

    Subtitled screenings offer captions which transcribe dialogue only. Subtitled screenings attempt to give D/deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers an understanding of the spoken dialogue within the film, but do not include description about other aspects of the soundtrack, including music and sound effects.