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When the Riddler, a sadistic serial killer, begins murdering key political figures in Gotham, Batman is forced to investigate the city’s hidden corruption and question his family’s involvement.

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Running time: 2hrs 54mins

  • BBFC Ratings Information

    threat and horror

    Scenes include people in states of terror and distress after being placed in elaborate death traps. The tone is frequently dark and menacing, and includes scenes of gun threat and acts of terrorism.


    Scenes include shootings, fistfights, electrocutions, and sequences in which people are repeatedly punched or bludgeoned. There is occasional sight of blood and injury detail. Mutilated bodies are found at crime scenes, and there is sight of a severed thumb.

    flashing/flickering lights

    This work contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

    There is infrequent strong language (‘f**k’) as well as milder terms including ‘prick’, ‘dick’, ‘fricking’, ‘bastard’, ‘son of a bitch’, ‘shit’, ‘God’, ‘hell’, ‘Jesus’, and ‘Christ’. There are moderate sex references, and a sequence in which a man watches a woman changing her clothes through her window. References are made to suicide and mental health. People are seen administering an unnamed illegal drug.