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In Polish with English subtitles.

Using an advanced oil painting animation technique, The Peasants is a visually thrilling rendering of Władysław Reymont’s Nobel Prize-winning tale.

Crops, relationships and dowries preoccupy the wagging tongues of the villagers of Lipke. Jagna is wedded off to a rich widower, but her love for his son threatens to tear all their lives apart. Like their award-winning Loving Vincent, DK and Hugh Welchman’s latest film evokes a world of breathtaking beauty and occasional brutality, exposing the underbelly of a patriarchal 19th-century rural community.

‘A sensous, richly immersive adaptation’ ★★★★★ Indiewire

‘Jaw-dropping….. an extraordinary accomplishment’ ★★★★ Collider

‘A ravishingly beautiful visual triumph’ The Hollywood Reporter

Directors – DK Welchman, Hugh Welchman

Writers – Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont, DK Welchman, Hugh Welchman

Stars – Kamila Urzedowska, Robert Gulaczyk, Miroslaw Baka

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    Subtitled screenings offer captions which transcribe dialogue only. Subtitled screenings attempt to give D/deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers an understanding of the spoken dialogue within the film, but do not include description about other aspects of the soundtrack, including music and sound effects.

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  • BBFC rating information (contains spoilers)


    Men behave in sexist, outdated manners towards women and their partners, reflective of the era in which the film is set. Men are sometimes violent towards women, including their wives, and a woman is beaten by a mob. Fistfights are impactful and result in bloody injuries, and a brawl between rival groups of people includes heavy blows, including a man’s head being slammed against a tree stump.

    Threat and horror

    A woman is beaten, insulted, dragged from her home, stripped naked and tied up by a violent mob.


    Terms including ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ‘hussy’ and ‘bitch’ are used, directed at women. Other bad language includes ‘bloody’, ‘arse’, ‘son of a bitch’, ‘hell’, ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’.


    There are scenes of moderate sex and occasional sex references and innuendo, including to oral sex.

    Sexual violence and sexual threat

    A woman is raped by her former lover. In one scene, a woman is attacked at night, her clothes torn open and a man attempts to rape her, but the woman is able to escape. In a prolonged sequence, a mob violently strip a woman naked and pelt her with mud and spit on her.

    Injury detail

    People are bloodied and bruised as a result of violent acts.


    A woman is stripped fully naked by a violent crowd of people, and a woman’s breasts are exposed when she flees a burning haystack in which she was having sex.

    Disturbing images

    A farmer kills a sick cow by cutting its throat. There is sight of blood, but the cutting itself is hidden from view.

    Alcohol and tobacco

    Adults drink and smoke, with sharing of vodka being a cultural tradition in the community depicted.