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Throughout lockdown and beyond ARC Stockton and a cohort of local people from the Tees Valley will help to build The People’s Palace of Possibility!

You are invited to join The People’s Palace of Possibility as a Palace Citizen, to take part in an act of collective imagining and fight against the belief that change is impossible. The People’s Palace of Possibility is an immersive arts project, and its story is told through the post, and through digital and/or telephone interaction.

A consensus has spread across the world that we have reached the glorious end of history. There is no room for improvement and any attempt to discuss or build any kind of alternative is stupid, and probably dangerous. However, the secretive imagineers known as ‘The Network of Palace Citizens’ have discovered that this consensus is blindly leading us to disaster. They know that change is needed, but what that change might look like is not always easy to see…

As a Palace Citizen you will be part of a vital resistance movement, designed to take down ‘The Consensus’ and their tyrannical regime of enforced happiness and unquestioning conformity. Over the course of a month you will receive a series of letters and packages, which will unfurl the mysteries of The People’s Palace of Possibility and invite you to share visions for the future and commit tiny acts of resistance. Be vigilant, some of your messages will be coded and hidden, to avoid the ever-watchful eyes of The Consensus.

‘It felt magical and human. I enjoyed being taken out of the day to day and being encouraged to think about the bigger picture – something increasingly difficult in these times!’ A Palace Citizen, Summer 2020

The experience starts on 19 February and will run for roughly four weeks – the deadline to sign up is Fri 12 Feb 2021.

Please note: If you know someone who you think would enjoy participating in The People’s Palace of Possibility but who doesn’t have online access, please do pass on the details of the project! It’s possible to take part by telephone too – please call our Box Office on 01642 525199 for more details.

This project is created by The Bare Project in collaboration with ARC Stockton, with support from Arts Council England, The Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity and Keele University. With special thanks to the Albany, James Blakey, The Guild of Saint George, Reuben Johnson and Invisible Flock.