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Rural Ireland. 1981. A quiet, neglected girl is sent away from her dysfunctional family to live with foster parents for the summer. She blossoms in their care, but in this house where there are meant to be no secrets, she discovers one.

In Irish Gaelic with English subtitles.

  • BBFC Rating Info (May Contain Spoilers)


    There is infrequent strong language (‘f**k’), as well as milder terms (for example, ‘bastard’, ‘shit’, ‘ass’, ‘God’, ‘Jesus’).

    The girl experiences neglect in her dysfunctional family, and is initially quiet and withdrawn. However, she is treated with kindness and compassion by her foster family and this results in positive behavioural and emotional change. There is mild emotional upset, brief sight of a dead man lying in an open coffin, as well as references to a child dying. There are also scenes in which adults smoke cigarettes.