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A young girl lives in the Outer Hebrides in a small village in the years just before WWI. Isolated and hard by the shore , her life takes a dramatic change when a terrible tragedy befalls her.

The screenings on Sat 18 Jun at 2pm and Thu 23 Jun at 2pm will have descriptive subtitles.

  • BBFC Ratings Info (May contain spoilers)

    sexual violence and sexual threat

    A man rapes a woman, resulting in pregnancy. The scene of sexual violence is brief and darkly lit; the woman subsequently finds a small amount of blood on her underwear.

    There is a moderate WWI battle scene involving gunfire and shelling, with bloody aftermath detail and brief sight of dead bodies. A person attempts suicide, without strong visual detail, and another person takes their own life off screen. There are scenes of emotional upset and bereavement, including ones involving the death of a baby. There are moderate references to historical sexist attitudes towards unmarried mothers. Bad language includes ‘whore’, ‘bastard’, ‘damn’ and ‘hell’.