20 years ago, Susan and Charlotte Crane followed their best friend Jacob Grey into a mystery and were never seen again. The mystery of their disappearance has never truly been investigated, until now. Newly found recordings said to have been created by the missing couple may tell you, the investigators, where they were before vanishing in Stockton. Are they still out there? Did they discover the truth behind the mystery? What happened to Jacob Grey? Who or what could have caused this and why? Only you can decide what happened on the search for The Stockton Treasure.

Investigators will require an internet smartphone that has a QR scanner and headphones.

Part of the SIRF Commissions Programme in partnership with ARC Stockton.

Public Performances at Stockton International Riverside Festival (Stockton High Street – Walkabout) at 11.30am on Friday 5, Saturday 6, and Sunday 7 August 2022.