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Join Teesside’s very own Wildcats of Kilkenny frontman Mike McGrother for the latest of his monthly residencies as he shares songs, stories and observations revealing the often hidden, forgotten but still (extra)ordinary people and events of the Tees in his own, inimitable and ‘mischievous’ style.

We are told there are twelve archetypes which reflect humanity: The Innocent; The Everyman; The Hero; The Outlaw; The Explorer; The Creator; The Ruler; The Magician; The Lover; The Caregiver; The Jester, and The Sage. They live amongst us – and they ARE us! But who and where are they?!

With this event Mike focuses on The Outlaw: Loveable rogues and ’salt of the earth’ characters … we all know them. Sometimes we ARE them. But few reap terror through the streets as much as Roly ’The Nick’ Waugh. His devilish bone rattling crime remains a piece of Stockton folklore. A chance to get to know our arch criminal and hear about his extraordinary life and times living on Teesside. And then after the break… It’s time for Confession!

“I am delighted to be joined on my Archetype journey by the fantastic Scott Turnbull. Expect laughs. Expect loose lunacy and expect extraordinary overhead projector craftsmanship as you’ve never seen it before. I think this collaboration is going to be really quite special.” – Mike

Photo credit – ENA Photography

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