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Four poetry workshops with mini-walks to explore four aspects of ARC and Stockton’s history and environment. Meet at ARC, bring a notebook, pen and camera/phone, and wear comfy shoes!

Tue 24 Aug 11am – Hidden Histories with Phee Arnison

Nostalgia can be found in our everyday surroundings; from old buildings and shops, to places you never even knew existed! Join Phee on this guided writing walk, exploring the hidden gems of Stockton High Street, Parish Church and The Green Dragon Yard.

Tue 31 Aug 2pm – We Heart ARC with Lynne McFarlane

Surprising facts, favourite shows, and a glimpse behind the scenes will get you thinking, remembering and writing about ARC. Join Lynne for an ‘indoor walk’ exploring ARC and its history, before fuelling our writing with memories, fantasies, and delicious treats from No 60 cafe!

Tue 7 Sept 2pm – All Work and No Play with India Hunter

A walk along the river will take us face to face with the ghosts of Stockton’s former workhouses. Join young history fan India to uncover the lost Victorian legacy of the town, respond to first-hand accounts of life in the workhouse, and discuss the stories that get written out of mainstream history.

Tue 14 Sept 1pm – Sensory Saunter with Julie Easley

Making a gentle loop through the High Street and riverside, join Julie to spend some time gathering sensory impressions of Stockton. Easy writing challenges will lead you to create a free-verse poem conjuring the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the town.