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Running time 1hr 29mins

Seating: Reserved


For the past year, the Tees Valley International Film Festival has been inviting independent filmmakers from all over the world to submit their short films for inclusion in the festival. From the hundreds of entries we received, the following films have been nominated for the Best First Time Film Award.

Becoming Me

Years after the pandemic, where the fusion of AI technology and healthcare has birthed a groundbreaking industry, Becoming Me is a thought-provoking sci-fi drama that delves into the potential future of healthcare through AI.

Dir: Danny Reed


Dr Elliot Isaac, a renowned but conceited hypnotherapist welcomes a new client that has sleeping problems. During a session that should be straightforward, things take a different direction than expected… leading to a twisting, turning journey through layers of subconsciousness.

Dir: Frank Howell

Where The Magpies Fly

Kyle, an avid Newcastle United fan, embarks on a mission to raise funds to take his ailing grandad to the match, one last time.

Dir: Amy Mains

The Vanishing Strings of the Andes

High in the Andes mountains, an age-old generational craft is on the verge of extinction; this is the story of Ecuador’s forgotten guitar road.

Dir: Sam Watkins

My Girl

Two friends argue over a girl that they are both dating.

Dir: Lucy Sloan

One Life

Lifelong friends observe and comment on the comings and goings at their local church.

Dir: Catriona Brannigan-Uren


Abandoned by his father, young Zach struggles with feelings of loss and self-blame. Despite his mother’s encouragement to express his emotions, Zach shies away, convinced that crying reflects weakness. At least that’s what Daddy says. However, when his cherished cat goes missing, he embarks on a relentless journey to find his beloved pet companion and fix his family.

Dir: Nadine Wilson

Total running time: 1hr 29mins

You can see all these films back-to-back in this block showing of the Tees Valley International Film Festival Best First Time Film Award-nominated short films.

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