Varjack-Lowry is a collaboration between artists Paula Varjack and Chuck Blue Lowry that aims to develop a distinctive visual, theatrical and participatory practice; merging skills derived from careers in filmmaking, theatre-making and participation. Varjack works in video, performance, theatre, spoken word & participation, and Lowry is an artist and filmmaker specialising in art as social practice, with a particular focus on intergenerational creativity.

Fresh from the success of iMelania (and a number of digital commissions since) Varjack-Lowry are bursting with ideas for new projects to develop and are thrilled to be beginning their development at ARC. From an outsiders deep dive into football culture, to a playful investigation of the dark side of the beauty industry – Varjack-Lowry are keen to kick off conversations and devising experiments in their residency, building connections with community groups and artists who could potentially feed into their work. They can’t wait to get started.