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Duration: 75 mins

Seating: Unreserved seated

Glued to our smartphones, waiting to be ‘liked’ and ‘followed’, what is the real effect of the sexualised digital culture on girls and young women in the times of #MeToo?

Shown on large TV screens, four 12-14 year old children give bold, moving performances alongside four adults as Virgin Territory, a show for today’s digital storm, seeks to make sense of questions like: what effect does constantly performing for the camera have on our sense of self-worth? How much do we give away about ourselves by what we share online?  

Based on real life testimonies, it looks at the relentless self-reflection and self-obsession that young people engage with every day via social media, and asks vital questions about responsibility as we witness children playing in an adult online world.

It examines what we can do to counter the darker side of the digital world we are all part of.

Adult supervision for under 14s is advised. Contains content that some people may find upsetting.


Pay What You Decide
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