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Pay What You Decide

Participatory and playful, Welcome Town is a public, interactive installation on Stockton High Street, which attempts to re-imagine how towns could provide truly humane care for displaced individuals.

Welcome Town invites you to spend ten minutes in bed with a refugee, create your own floor plan of a place you once occupied, fill up a box with everything you have with you on the day to tell a story about you, listen and watch people’s tales of migration, join a lively conversation, listen to songs and music, and even join the band if you like! 

Look at the art, absorb the conversations, inhale and digest both, create art yourself. Take part in the activities on offer as part of this rich selection, perfect for all ages and beliefs, designed to learn, exchange, debate, tell us about crossing borders and cross some interesting borders together on the day. Follow how a visual map of all our interactions develops over the two days, and perhaps we can decide together what a true welcome home is?

On both days there will be activities happening throughout the day, such as:

– a song with local refugees and asylum seekers developed with Durham-based musician, singer-songwriter and community arts facilitator Sam Slatcher 
– learn some football tricks with local refugees and asylum seekers 
– communal embroidering of a Welcome Town blanket
– conversations with passers-by around specific questions and issues related to migration
– Floor Plans: a participatory installation focusing on floor plans and spaces/places we occupy, however fleetingly. How do these spaces reflect current political changes in Europe (and beyond) and the unprecedented enforced movement and migration of people? Create your own floor plan while having a conversation about crossing borders
– Fifty Rooms: use the available materials and anything you have with you (in your bags, pockets, etc) to make a personal visual comment on a particular moment in your life, current or in the past

Additionally on Fri 28 Jun, throughout the day:

Farhad Berahman‘s project ‘Afghan Camera’: The Afghan Camera, or ‘kamra-e-faoree’ is still used as a traditional method of capturing memories by veteran street photographers in Afghanistan and Iran. The hand-made wooden camera acts as both the camera and darkroom, thus working as a ‘2 in 1’ machine. This enables capturing and instant printing of photographs, an individual copy handed to visitors upon processing of the image. 

Additionally on Sat 29 Jun, throughout the day:
gobscure‘s ‘Messages/Bouteille: One-line poem writing, celebrating how we are all out of everywhere. 

Welcome Town is co-commissioned by ARC, Lincoln Drill Hall, Live Collision Dublin and Future Arts Centres.