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Running time: 50 mins approx.

Seating: Allocated - See Seating Plan for More Details

All performances will have integrated sign language and animated captions.

“Mummy is good at swimming,” says Little Penguin. “She’ll be back home soon, won’t she?”

“She sure will,” says Daddy Penguin.

Amidst the snowy Antarctic landscape, Mummy Penguin is off to find a fishy dinner for her family. Daddy and Little Penguin watch in suspense as Mummy swims through the icy waters, climbs the perilous cliffs and tiptoes past some grumpy, just-awakened seals. Can she do it? Well done, Mummy Penguin!

With a nod to the fascinating nature of penguin parenting, Well Done, Mummy Penguin is a brand new stage adaptation of the latest picture book from award-winning writer and illustrator Chris Haughton, and an irresistible ode to family bonds and incredible parents everywhere.

Brought to life by Can’t Sit Still and the creative team behind Oh No, George!, Well Done, Mummy Penguin features daring acrobatics, integrated sign language and heartwarming humour. A perfect wintery treat for everyone aged 3 and up.

Mummy Penguin, Daddy Penguin and Little Penguin in a row, dancing. Mummy Penguin behind Little Penguin and Daddy Penguins. Captions are shown in the small circular screens above their heads.

Mummy Penguin on an aerial pole. Mummy Penguin balancing upside down, on the feet of another performer holding her up. Daddy Penguin holds onto Little Penguin.

(Production images copyright Robert Day)

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  • Seating Accessibility Info

    The Point

    Seat size

    In The Point, seats in rows A-GG are 36cm (14“) wide and 39cm (151/3“) deep. They are 41cm from the floor (16″) wide and 44.5cm (171/2”) deep. The seats are 44cm (171/3”) from the floor, and have a 10cm (4”) gap between seats.

    Seats in rows H and W are stools, are 36cm (14“) wide and 40cm (152/3“) deep. They are 76cm (30“) from the floor, and have a 25cm (93/4”) gap between seats. The stools also feature a footrest 42cm (161/2”) from the floor.

    Seats in rows K-V and Box 1are 42cm (161/2 “) wide and 45cm (172/3“) deep, 47 cm (181/2“) from the floor, and have 6cm (21/3“) gap between seats.

    Seats in Box 2 are 36cm (14“) wide and 39cm (151/3“) deep, 41 cm (16“) from the floor, and have 10cm (4“) gap between seats. These are loose removable chairs.


    Seats in The Point do not have armrests.


    Seat in rows A-GG have 20cm (73/4“) of legroom in front of each seat, with restricted legroom in rows A-D.

    Seats in rows H and W are stools and have 35cm (14“) of legroom.

    Seats in rows K-V have 20cm (73/4“) of legroom in front of each seat, with restricted legroom in the aisle seats. Seats in row S also have a vertical backrest.

    Seats in Box 2 have 50cm (192/3”) of legroom in front of the seats.

    Further information

    If you have any questions about accessibility our Box Office team are always happy to help and can be contacted on 01642 525199 or by emailing [email protected] - you can also tell us about your access requirements when prompted to do so during the online booking process.