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Running time: 101 minutes

Seating: Allocated - See Seating Plan for More Details

In Senegal/Ivory Coast Wolof and French with English subtitles.


World premiering at The London Film Festival, Senegalese filmmaker Moussa Sène Absa brazenly adjusts contemporary melodrama with traditional storytelling modes in this powerful, music-filled tale of one woman’s tragedy and transcendence.

Featuring time-shifting chronology, Xalé follows the story of teenage twins Awa & Adama; one hoping to immigrate to Europe, the other academically focussed.

African brother and sister sat together.

Following their grandmothers dying wish, uncle Atoumane marries a resistant cousin Fatou, but Fatou doesn’t love Atoumane resulting in rejection.

African man and woman both looking uninterested in each others presence.

This rejection leads to an act from which there is no going back from resulting in life-changing consequences.

Director- Moussa Sène Absa

Cast- Nguissaly Barry, Mabeye Diol, Ibrahima M’Baye

  • Information about screenings with subtitles

    Subtitled screenings offer captions which transcribe dialogue only. Subtitled screenings attempt to give D/deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers an understanding of the spoken dialogue within the film, but do not include description about other aspects of the soundtrack, including music and sound effects.

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    Seats in the Cinema are 45cm (172/3“) wide and 46cm (18“) deep, are 40cm (152/3“) from the floor, and have 12cm (42/3“) between seats.


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  • BBFC rating information (may contain spoilers)


    During what initially appears to be a moderate sex scene, a woman straddles a shirtless man on a bed and stabs him multiple times, with brief bloody aftermath detail. The scene is repeated later in the film.


    There is infrequent use of strong language (‘f**k’). Milder terms include ‘dick’, ‘bastard’ and ‘shit’.


    Sex references are moderate and infrequently crude. A visually discreet sex scene shows a couple’s head and shoulders as they embrace.

    Sexual violence and sexual threat

    Scenes of sexual violence are distressing but devoid of graphic visual detail. In one scene, a man pins his teenage niece with his body while she screams and struggles. In another sequence, a man violently attacks his wife and attempts to rape her, bloodying her nose and lip in the process.

    Injury detail

    We see bloody stab wounds on a man’s abdomen in the aftermath of violence.


    There are upsetting scenes of emotional distress.

    Flashing/flickering lights

    This work contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.