Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go?


Scott Turnbull is a Stockton-born theatre maker, actor and writer. His new show, Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go? premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month and gained some brilliant reviews. Before he performs the show here, Scott has recorded a very special vlog for us, which you can see below.

He also spoke to us about the show in his own words:  “After 10 years as a jobbing actor I decided to pull my finger out and write something. It wasn’t easy. If anything it’s been a pain. But I was so tired of dancing around like a brainless puppet for meaningless commercial entertainment. This show was a chance to create something extremely personal and interesting. Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go? isn’t perfect, but I love it, and I hope you will too.”


Untitled from Scott Turnbull on Vimeo.