The Albany

ARC and the Albany – an arts centre in Deptford, London – have worked closely together for a number of years: leading the national Future Arts Centres network, jointly leading the A Theatre Trip for Every Child initiative developing a new model of philanthropy for arts venues, co-commissioning six new Christmas productions for families, premiering at each venue, co-commissioning innovative new productions such as THE HOME in 2019, and sharing expertise and projects such as Artists of Change and Pizza and Pitches.

Visit the Albany’s website. 

Culture Against Racism

On 4 June 2020, the cultural sector of the North East of England initiated a statement denouncing racism and seeking to bring about a collective change in thinking and action as organisations and individuals.

This is the statement, which ARC was proud to support:


We, the undersigned from the cultural sector of the North East, declare that silence is not ok and silence is seen as complicity. Racism has no place in a just and humane society.

Whilst we cannot undo pain and neglect, we are calling on all of us in the arts, cultural, heritage sectors; professional and voluntary to work together to address racism and its deep roots. We must listen, have conversations and most importantly act, we know we need to do better.

Everyone is part of the solution – artists, staff, trustees, partners, promoters, audiences and communities.

We want to tackle this together in sharing better understanding and practices. We stand united to bring about change in our thinking and actions as a collective of organisations and individuals.

In the weeks and months to come we will collectively act to build on this statement with concrete steps and actions to demonstrate our commitment to bringing about real change. We ask you to stand with us.

We are demonstrating our support through action and allowing ourselves to be held accountable by our colleagues and peers across the North East by making our commitments public. You can download our latest action plan (devised with the Board and staff teams) here.

Curious Arts

Curious Arts is a strategic organisation working across the North East to develop projects and events which explore and celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer culture through the arts. They champion and develop the LGBTQ cultural offer of the region, increasing opportunities for the LGBTQ community as artists, audiences and participants.

ARC has worked with Curious as a partner since 2016, hosting events as part of their annual flagship festival in July, as well as supporting year-round development, training and diverse-led projects.

Visit Curious Arts’ website.

Family Arts Campaign

The Family Arts Campaign is a national organisation established to raise family engagement with arts and culture. It aims to increase the amount and range of artistic work available to families, increase the quality of experience for families and improve marketing to reach more families.

ARC is fully signed up to the Family Arts Standards and also to their Age Friendly Standards which set guidelines for ensuring venues offer a welcoming and positive experience for everyone, regardless of their age.

From April 2023, Family Arts Campaign became an independent organisation, which operates remotely but has its registered base at ARC.

Visit the Family Arts Campaign’s website.

Film Hub North

Since 2020 Film Hub North has provided funding for ARC to broaden the range of films screened in our Cinema, and deliver an associated programme of activity aimed at reaching new audiences.

Visit Film Hub North’s website.

Future Arts Centres

Future Arts Centres is a national network of more than 130 member venues from across the UK, committed to championing the unique importance of arts centres at a local, regional and national level.

Established in 2013, it was co-led by ARC and the Albany until April 2023, when it became an independent company and was funded by Arts Council England as part of its national portfolio of Investment Principle Support Organisations. ARC’s Chief Executive & Artistic Director, Annabel Turpin joined Gavin Barlow from the Albany as a Co-Director of the new company, alongside her ARC role.

Little Cog

Little Cog is a dynamic arts organisation under the direction of Vici Wreford-Sinnott. It specialises in the production of professional Disability Art in artforms including theatre, digital film and photography, visual art, temporary installations and living performance interventions. As well as creating artwork, it also delivers training and development programmes.

From 2016 – 2018, Little Cog delivered Cultural Shift in partnership with ARC, and as a disabled-led organisation, remain a key strategic partner.

North East Exchange

North East Exchange is an initiative designed to help connect artists, creative, venue and festival programmers working in performance.

It builds on previous events such as Meet the Programmers (pre-pandemic) and the North East Culture Socials that emerged during the pandemic. This new iteration has been shaped by a group of artists and venues, following a pilot event in March 2022.

Click here for more information about North East Exchange.

Visit Little Cog’s website.

Venues North

Venues North is a network of venues from across the North of England who are committed to supporting artists to create new work. Our aim is to work together as venues to support new and emerging artists from the North to get their work more widely seen regionally, nationally and internationally.

Click here for more information about Venues North.