Congratulations Northern Creatives – Lizzie Lovejoy’s Blog

Illustration of pink waterlilies with large green leaves, blue water, and a sun on the horizon.

Hello again everyone! I love this job here at ARC because there is always something going on, plenty of things to work on and there is creativity around every corner. Over the last few weeks I have been honoured to see the new performing arts graduates of The Northern School of Art doing their final degree performances, working hard backstage and on stage. I’ve also recently been to see the degree show exhibition of all of the visual arts graduates as well, some fantastic new creatives who you might see some work from in the upcoming exhibitions (stay tuned!) and who are now able to join the Tees Valley Young Creatives 2020-21. So if you’re a recent arts graduate and are not going back into education, please check the group out for some opportunities to advance your creative career.

Photo of a Northern School of Art exhibition.

I recently ran another work shop with the brilliant MSLTP! group, writing poetry and drawing pictures inspired by the environment. Now that we can have socially distant workshops within the physical space art ARC there are new and exciting opportunities happening with all of the groups. Come in and pay us a visit some time if you’re able and feel comfortable!

Photo of Lizzie Lovejoy's A Change of Perspective exhibition at ARC.

The July episode of A Change of Perspective Podcast has been recorded as well. I had the fantastic chance to have a wonderful conversation with Beatriz Lobo (Instagram: @johnimonlydancingagain) about all of the brilliant curatorial work she has done internationally and the plans that she has for the beautiful industrial North! She currently works at The New Bridge Project and we get to catch up on the exciting things happening there. Stay tuned for that in the first week of July.

Photo of a building reflected in water.

(Photo take in Newcastle by Michael Lovejoy)

In the gallery, I’ve been really proud of the new exhibition which is visible in the physical gallery space and in our online gallery space. Please feel free to come in and check it out for free any time before the end of the month! We have so many fantastic creatives’ work to celebrate, including the brilliant Paige Livingstone: @wildlambillustrations, Rebecca Parkin: @Becca.illustrator, Jonn Kenvyn: @Kenvyn_illustration, Jo Lovejoy: @_jo_lovejoy_, Michael Lovejoy: @oathsworn_michael, Menstrual Rage: @MenstrualRageTheatre, and our very own Polly Abbott: @_pollywollydoodles.

Photo of A Change of Perspective: What Do You Call Family? exhibition by Lizzie Lovejoy at ARC.

 The creative work never stops, because I’ve begun illustrating and designing for exhibition number 3 which follows the theme of being a Working-Class Northerner and exploring creatively what that means. I’ll catch you up with more work on that next time!

Close up from A Change of Perspective: What Do You Call Family Exhibition at ARC (showing artwork by Polly).