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In their second exhibition, What Do You Call Family?, Lizzie Lovejoy has collaborated with other Tees Valley creatives to create a series of illustrations and poems that reflect what family means to them.

This exhibition can be viewed in person in ARC’s Gallery. You can come down at anytime when we are open, its free to visit the exhibition and there is no need to book a ticket. The exhibition can also be viewed online by booking a free ticket and accessed through ARC’s dedicated online events platform.

A Change of Perspective is a project lead by Lizzie Lovejoy, Artist of Change for ARC, meant to explore various views on topics that are prevalent in the North and in the world of Art. This will consist of a podcasta blog and a series of six exhibitions intended to answer three important questions:

“What Do You Call Home?”

“What Do You Call Family?”

“What Does It Mean To Be Working Class?”