Introducing the Change of Perspective Podcast with Lizzie Lovejoy

Lizzie Lovejoy, one of ARC’s Artists of Change, introduces the first in a series of podcasts from their Change of Perspective project.

In this podcast, they talk to two incredible female working class artists based in the Tees Valley. Paige Livingstone and Bettie Hope share their experiences of collaboration, their favourite female artists and how the local creative scene has shaped their work.

Content Warning: Discussion of the word ‘Slut’ in relation to female run business and algorithmic bias.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, below.

Paige Livingstone Social Media:

Instagram –


Bettie Hope Social Media:

Instagram –

Website –


Paige’s Favourite Artists:

Annegret Soltau –

Katie McCann –

Mary A Johnson –


Bettie’s Favourite Artists:

Lara Jensen –

Kristen Liu Wong –

Sophie Bryant –


Let Us Eat Cake:

[email protected]



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