Get creative at ARC with brand new classes

ARC are encouraging people to enjoy something new this spring as they introduce Try it at ARC, a collection of fun and friendly classes for creative novices.

Each session will focus on a different theme, such as mixed media art, glass art, hand embroidery and creative writing.

The first session is Mixed Media Art on Thursday 28 January, where creative crafters will be guided by artist and teacher Michelle Tripp, who will share techniques and ideas on fine art. At the end of the session you will have created a mixed media piece using a combination of techniques that include lino printing and watercolour and acrylic paints.

Other sessions include Pen Power, a class for budding writers on how to write expressively; Glass Art, where you can learn how to create beautiful decorative glass design; Novel Writing for Novices, which will teach you how to create plots, characters and gripping storylines; and the Introduction to Hand Embroidery session is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to create images through stich.

No experience is needed for any of the classes, and all are led in a no-pressure style, but leaders do ask that you take time to relax, enjoy the classes and most importantly, get creative!

Michelle Trip, who is leading Mixed Media Art, spoke to us about the class and what she hopes they will achieve; 

What do you hope people take away from this class?

Firstly, the ability to have more confidence to try a new skill, or re-explore a lost skill. But mostly, to enjoy the experience, learn to explore their creative side and to be able to take something home that they are proud of.

What do you think creativity and classes like this bring to Stockton?

The experience of being able to try something new and the encouragement to maybe follow a passion, or a dream, which in the past may not have been possible. In fact, the possibilities are endless as to what these classes could bring to Stockton, i.e. new publicity for the artists themselves, new door openings for those who take part in the classes perhaps, plus they should encourage new footfall and artists to the newly refurbished town centre and of course to ARC itself!

Why do you love crafting?

I’ve always been creative in many ways. I danced for most of my childhood, and was a hairdresser and lecturer for many years. But I never truly found my passion. I had always been interested in art and sewing, but never really knew how to pursue this, until I decided to take a soft furnishings and blind making course. I then began making again, once I had had my two children and I knew that this was just the best thing ever. I can work around my family life, and my children inspire many of my designs. Once my creative juices start flowing, I just get lost in a design. I love creating designs that make people smile, and because most of my creations are uniquely designed for the individual, their personalities are brought to life and a story about them is told. The perfect keepsake for them is created, and I get to play with fabric and threads – I can’t explain, it’s just fab!!