mima unveils exhibition at ARC

Emerging Curators, is a programme where aspiring curators have sharpened their curating know-how and experience through a mentoring and support scheme. They have explored self-initiated themes inspired or including dialogues with mima collection and other critically engaging works.

The group of eight emerging curators, have been working collaboratively to produce two exhibitions, supported by independent curator Nicky Peacock and mima curators James Beighton and Alix Collingwood.

Terra Incognita and CACHE are exhibiting on ARC top floor gallery space between 1 June and 13 August.

Terra Incognita is the first exhibition to open on 1 June. The stimulus of this show is derived from the title, Latin for unknown lands. The phrase ‘Terra Incognita’ would be used on maps to describe areas that had been unexplored and deemed unexplorable. In this exhibition local artists have been invited to investigate their own ‘terra incognita’ and take inspiration from sites of interest as well as experience and memories.

CACHE is the second exhibition featuring works from both mima’s jewellery collection and local jewellery artists displayed alongside bold visuals from commercial advertising. The high street collides with the art institution, as each fight for your attention.  The exhibition examines the use of precious materials verses those not normally associated with jewellery like….cardboard

We are very exicited about the first exhibitions to come out of the Emerging Curators project and hope they are the first of many, supporting the development of creative talent in the region.

Alix Collingwood, Curator