Spring into the new dance, drama and spoken word season with us!

We start off the season with (The Story is Not) Set in Stone, a fascinating performance that playfully looks at the way we tell stories. Based around a large table, you’ll get the chance to really feel part of the performance!

In today’s fast-paced, social media obsessed world, there is an increasing amount of pressure on us to succeed at everything. Into Thin Air explores what can happen when the pressure gets too much. Surveillance cameras, web cams, smart phone cameras – do you ever feel like someone is watching you? In The Vice Like Grip of It, explores how modern technology has enabled strangers to know more about us than we realised; recipient of Routes North 2015.

Topical and moving, Stowaway is a story about a man from India who finds himself far from home and adrift from everything he knows. In a bid to change his life, he hides in the wheel arch of a commercial airliner bound for the UK.

On average, we will spend around 97,464 hours of our life working. A Living is a gripping play about the difference between making a living and actually living, it is part Rom Com, part lecture and part call to industrial action. Made Up is a heart-warming play about friendship and the faces we show the world. It uses a sequence of dynamic live make-up applications to tell a powerful story about the different ‘faces’ we can put on for the world to see.

A rollercoaster journey of illusion and suspense sums up Sleight of Hands; a dark but high energy piece of dance theatre, inspired by the use of plot twists in film and the wonder of magic. In collaboration with award-winning director and script writer Josh Baker-Mendoza and Cirque du Soleil magician Simon West, Nathan Johnston creates a world of trickery, revenge and drama.

Everyone wants their dad to be a hero. But what happens when your heroes let you down? Cheryl and Tess from TheatreState couldn’t remember the last proper conversation they had with their socialist dads. So they interviewed them. And filmed it. The result is Tribute Acts.

Grandad and the Machine is an epic adventure about a grandfather, who must save his family from the mechanical monster that threatens to take over their lives, but what dark family secret will they discover?

Ventoux is the most fearsome mountain encountered on the Tour de France. It is also the story of Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani, whose drug-fuelled race in 2000 was the greatest cycling had ever seen. Join us as they restage the race using breathtaking video accompaniment and a pair of road bikes, asking the question – how far will we go to succeed?

All of our dance, drama and spoke word events are Pay What You Decide, to find out more, click here. Shows can be booked online or by calling the Box Office on 01642 525199.