The joys of loneliness

Theatre makers Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe are urging audiences to tune out from their smartphones in their show I Wish I Was Lonely, currently touring the UK.

I Wish I Was Lonely is the new show from Fringe-First winners Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe (following 2011’s The Oh F*ck Moment) that asks how much of ourselves we have given up to the new Gods in our pockets.

Coming to ARC on Wednesday 11 June, it is a participatory show about contactability, in which the audience will commit to leaving their phones on. In the space of 75 minutes Hannah and Chris will investigate what it means to participate in communication – or not. There will be poems, there will be stories and there will be conversation.

So cunningly and playfully constructed that it feels like a gift.

– The Guardian

An excellently crafted piece, both thoughtful and relevant, which challenges us to take a step back from our technology-obsessed lives.

– Time Out

A show full of cleverly-orchestrated audience participation.

– The Scotsman

Chris Thorpe is a theatre-maker and Hannah Jane Walker is a poet. Together they make award-winning work that is part performance, part poetry gig and part interactive experience. Their shows take place in rooms: sometimes those rooms are theatres, but often they are offices, meeting rooms, cafes – anywhere that people can come together.

Chris and Hannah’s work is based around an honest encounter between themselves, an audience and the difficult but often uplifting moments we all face in the process of living. Their shows feel like a generous, open conversation, with poetry and storytelling at their heart and space for audiences to contribute in a meaningful way.

The show contains some strong language.

• Chris Thorpe and Hannah Jane Walker present I Wish I Was Lonely at ARC on Wednesday 11 June at 7pm. Tickets are price F: £12 C: £10  and can be purchased here.