Too Much, Too Young: Show scrutinises education system

In Too Much, Too Young, Jack seeks to explore the flaws in an education system which demands big decisions from teenagers at a young age by asking some pretty big questions; what is learning for? Why all the rush? And if all of the politicians and education experts are so smart, how come they never agree on the best way to do things?

In this charming but occasionally ranting examination Jack holds up the practices of the UK education system against what other countries do, what experts think and what politicians think, while talking about how the choices of teenagers are restricted, and how we shouldn’t let that happen.

Jack Bennett will fill your belly with fire, your mind with rage and your mouth with giggles with moments of passion, raised voices and audience interaction as he un-muddles an intricate identity crisis.

• Jack Bennett presents Too Much, Too Young at ARC on Wed 2 Jul at 7pm. Tickets are price F: £8.50 C: £6.50  and can be purchased here.