What a Month! Lizzie Lovejoy’s Blog

So much happened in April and it’s been fantastic to be developing creative work alongside so many fantastic people. I was able to do a drawing session with More Stuff Like This Please!, as well as a work shop with the Tees Valley Class of 2020. There are various projects I’ve been working on that I can’t really talk about which feel strange but I can talk a little bit about some things that have been going on over the last two weeks!

I was back at The Northern School of Art (online this time!) giving a presentation and being part of a Q&A session around being an early career artist and developing work to celebrate the North East. On the same day ‘Slutmouth’ Bettie Hope was giving a presentation – you may remember her from The Change of Perspective podcast first episode.

Speaking of the podcast – next week we will release an episode with creative practitioner Paula Knight who you can find on Twitter. Born in Darlington and studying at The Northern School of Art in Middlesbrough before she went to uni, it was fantastic to learn about her career. But more importantly than that, it was vital to hear more about the condition which prevents her now from speaking, walking and creating visual art. We will be realising the episode during ME awareness week to really look at accessibility within art.

Everything is all go with developing work for the next exhibition – and if everything goes well you might be able to see the current exhibition in the physical space very soon. Stay tuned