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John Cooper Clarke shot to prominence in the 1970s as the original ‘people’s poet’.

His unique poetry was put to music by producer Martin Hannett and a band of Mancunians The Invisible Girls. Seminal tracks such as Beasley St and Evidently Chickentown featured on the album Snap Crackle and Bop, one of 4 hit 70/80s album releases. JCC became one of the most prolific artists of the Punk years.

His 1980s poetry collection 10 Years in An Open Necked Shirt featured the lyrics to classic tracks from his albums and more, is one of the UK’s biggest selling poetry collections of all time.

Since then his career has spanned cultures, audiences, art forms and continents.

Today he performs purely as a stand up solo poet. His unique poetry show has been touring worldwide for over 15 years.

John’s 2018 poetry collection The Luckiest Guy Alive features 30 new poems, including the favourites; I’ve Fallen In Love With My Wife and Get Back on Drugs you Fat F*ck.

Dr John Cooper Clarke’s 2019 autobiography, named after his most famous poem I Wanna Be Yours (Macmillan), is a groundbreaking piece of literature. JCC goes into fascinating detail about his early life in Manchester leading up to punk superstardom, drug addiction and then the massive comeback as a major poet he enjoys today.

Front cover of John Cooper Clarke's autobiography I Wanna Be Yours

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With Special Guest Mike Garry

Mike Garry, wearing an overcoat, stands against a plain brick wall

Mike Garry’s gritty poetry has won admiration far and wide and his collaboration with Joe Duddell and New Order in New York’s Carnegie Hall in 2014 received five star reviews.

Mike has worked in thousands of schools and his three books, Men’s Morning, Mancunian Meander and God is a Manc have become schemes of work in schools throughout the UK and his poetry is regularly heard on BBC Radio and TV.

He has read his poems in prisons, young offenders units, mental health hospitals, children’s homes, youth clubs and local pubs. He’s passionate about bringing live poetry to places it wouldn’t normally reach and to people who wouldn’t normally listen to it.

His performances are passionate swirling rhythms of thoughts and emotions converted to monologues of quick fire words.

In 2010, Mike was hand picked to tour with John Cooper Clarke by his management. “I liked what he said and the way he said it” said John reflecting on their working relationship performing in over 500 venues throughout the UK and Ireland.

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