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Neurodiverse comedy, performance, poetry + stuff

In recent years, a theory has emerged that the human race is ‘Neurodiverse’ – a mix of different neurological types.

Those that aren’t ‘Neurotypical’ (the usual) are known as ‘Neurodivergent’ with differences that include Autism/Aspergers, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and other types of brain that aren’t ‘Neurotypical’.

LAVA ELASTIC is a night for brilliant performers who are considered from the ‘problematic’ to the ‘niche’, alongside other fantastic acts who are as varied in their styles…as their brains…which of course everyone is – but we choose to celebrate that at LAVA ELASTIC!

Neurodivergent performers often struggle to get booked and to navigate the social codes around working with promoters. As a result, there are many talented people you simply don’t get to see. LAVA ELASTIC is here to change that. Vive la difference!…But also the similarities. Neurotypical performers are of course also on the bill.

Thrillingly with the support of Arts Council England…join us for a night celebrating humans of all kinds – just doing their comedy/performance thing.

LAVA ELASTIC is the UK’s FIRST openly neurodiverse comedy/performance/poetry night… brought to you by neurodivergent performer and host (late diagnosis of Aspergers) Sarah Saeed, aka operatic comedy diva Marianna Harlotta and original member of Stealth Aspies autistic performance company.

Stretching its way up North for the first time, ARC Stockon’s brilliant line up includes: Kate FoxLizzie Lovejoy, and Nicola Mantalios as ‘Zoe’!

“Lava Elastic is like a TV variety show if TV was allowed to be weird. It’s a joyous experience that surprises and delights.” Victoria Melody (Award-winning performance artist)

Access to the performance is via our dedicated online streaming service. Click here to log in with your usual ARC account details (if you’ve forgotten your log in details, the email address will be the one that normally receives emails from us, and your password can easily be reset from the log in page).