Following on from last year’s residency, Mish Weaver & company return to ARC to develop Parade of Horribles.

Parade of Horribles, the brainchild of Mish Weaver, is an ambitious performance project that plans to tour UK high streets and town centres.

Inspired by a US tradition of parading scary things down the high street to reduce their power. Going from city to town, spending time with community groups in each area to better understand what their lives are like, what they fear and what they hope for – translating some of those encounters into joyful imagery, inspiring wonder, laughter and conversation.

People will happen upon, share, and remember images designed to start conversations. They will have opportunities to suggest, change and feedback on what they see. The Parade finds ways to create empathy between people and rejoice in the vibrancy that difference brings to our lives.

Lead Artist – Mish Weaver

Headshot of artist Mish Weaver

Mish Weaver is a rare mixture of circus designer & director with 30 years’ experience. Having studied Sculpture in Newcastle upon Tyne (BA) and Choreography in Yorkshire (MA) she mixes a love of weight-bearing structures with circus props, specialising in choreographing performance on, around and with objects.

Freelance, Mish has consulted for countless companies, including Nofit State and Gravity and Levity and recently for one-person shows; such as with (Ripe) Tilly Lee-Kronick, (Mobile) Claire Cunningham, (Cockroach) Chloe Mantripp and (Wirewalker) Fiona Salisbury.

Her six shows as Stumble include the critically acclaimed 2012 Cultural Olympiad commission Box of Frogs and the 2021 Unlimited/Artsagenda commission Parade of Horribles – addressing Climate Psychology.

During their residency at ARC, performers here developing Parade of Horribles will present a cabaret evening on Tue 29 Mar at 7pm, including solo and group pieces, showcasing a range of circus skills.

See the Parade of Horribles on Stockton High Street (next to the Stockton Flyer) on Thu 31 Mar and Fri 1 Apr from 3pm – 5pm.

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Artsadmin (through ACT, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union) and Arts Council England.

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