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Two single women meet in a hospital room where they are both going to give birth. One is middle aged and doesn’t regret it, while the other is adolescent and scared. The two women form a strong bond with one another as they both confront motherhood.

In Spanish with English subtitles, find out more about subtitled screenings and our accessibility.

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    There is a brief scene of strong sex.

    sexual violence and sexual threat

    A young woman discusses an incident in which she had sex with a boy while under the influence of drugs. The act was filmed by two of his friends, who used the video to blackmail her and coerce her into having sex with them too. An older woman tells her that she was raped and that her silence allows her assailant to repeat his behaviour.

    There is mild bad language (‘whore’), and very mild terms such as ‘damn’. There are also drug references, and scenes involving bereavement. References to violence are generally verbal and undetailed, but there is a scene in which skeletal human remains are exhumed, many years after a massacre.