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Thu 30 May 2024
Pay What You Decide

Pay What You Decide Info

Age: 15+

Seating: Standing and Unallocated Seating

For the final instalment of WASTE, artist I. Nakhla will present their research as an experimental audio performance. Alongside two selected creatives from the Teesside area, Nakhla and their mentees will celebrate their eco-sonic research on stage at ARC. WASTE-live asks its audience to prepare for a sonic spectacular, an auditory journey through time, place, and imagination, as the artists present their WASTE enquires through live sound, foley, vocal recordings, and dance music. Expect a big-bodied, experimental gig, full of rhythm, vibration, and catchy melodies.

A socially and environmentally oriented project, WASTE is interested not only in processes of waste, or wastefulness, but also in challenging the narratives that determine what is classed as ‘resource’ and what as ‘waste’, as well as who or what can be wasted.