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CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 20 Jan 2020

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Image by Max Wreford-Sinnott

CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 13 Jan

wc - 13 Jan.jpg

Here and Now partner venues - Cast, Doncaster.

CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 6 Jan

6 Jan 20 - Connected - Here and Now.jpg

Connected by Fabric Lenny, for Here and Now.

Reviews of the year, reviews of the decade… Despite starting this blog a year ago to encourage more reflection, I’m still far more inclined to look forward than back. New year, new plans, new commitments.

CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 25 Nov

25 Nov PWYD.jpg


‘Does ‘Pay What You Can’ pay off?’ was the question asked by pricing consultants Baker Richards in Arts Professional last week.

CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 18 Nov

CEO Blog Energy Cert.jpg


Here at ARC, we challenge ourselves to make a difference to the wider world. Last week, we spent some time talking about our environmental impact, particularly looking at our energy consumption. It also made me wonder how efficiently I was using my personal energy…