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CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 6 Jan

6 Jan 20 - Connected - Here and Now.jpg

Connected by Fabric Lenny, for Here and Now.

Reviews of the year, reviews of the decade… Despite starting this blog a year ago to encourage more reflection, I’m still far more inclined to look forward than back. New year, new plans, new commitments.

CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 25 Nov

25 Nov PWYD.jpg


‘Does ‘Pay What You Can’ pay off?’ was the question asked by pricing consultants Baker Richards in Arts Professional last week.

CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 18 Nov

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Here at ARC, we challenge ourselves to make a difference to the wider world. Last week, we spent some time talking about our environmental impact, particularly looking at our energy consumption. It also made me wonder how efficiently I was using my personal energy…

CEO Weekly Blog - w/c 4 Nov

Dominic Cavendish.jpg


I’ve been quite angry this week.

Anger is a basic human emotion, connected to our ‘fight, flight or freeze’ instincts - it prepares us to fight. Being angry about something can be quite useful - it can help identify problems or things we don’t like or feel are unjust, and it can motivate us to create change. When we feel angry and want to fight, this doesn’t have to be physical, we can fight by changing our behaviour.

CEO Weekly Blog – w/c 21 Oct

Reach Showcase 1.jpg

2019 Reach Showcase


I sometimes describe an arts centre as being a set of relationships, because I believe organisations are about people not buildings.